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CORPaTH is an alliance of trustees, consultants, asset managers, administrators, elected officials and other professionals who oversee pension assets, Lifetime Income Security Accounts℠ (LISA) and Guaranteed Lifetime Income Accounts℠ (GLIA) for the benefit of working men and women who earn and deserve a secure retirement.

We work to perpetuate, protect and expand defined-benefit pension plans, as well as advocate on behalf of our members and insist on high-quality corporate governance and responsible investment strategies.

We also educate our members on issues critical to the current and future health of pension funds.

The “Core” of our strategy is to advance the financial and policy influences of key decision-makers of defined-benefit pension plans and to accelerate our unified actions with education, knowledge and commitment.

2014 Summit & Crystal Globes
a remarkable success

A broad coalition of pension experts gathered at the 2014 CORPaTH Summit and Crystal Globe Awards in December to share ideas and honor three champions for the cause of protecting, promoting and perpetuating defined-benefit pensions.

“People who work hard all their lives deserve a reliable, guaranteed income throughout their sunset years,” said Ron Auer, executive director of CORPaTH, as he opened the Summit.

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