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Dec. 12-13, 2023
Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

The Crystal Globe Awards honor Pension Champions who go above and beyond protecting pensions.

Beginning in the late afternoon of Tues., Dec. 12., CORPaTH will host a Trustee Roundtable from 3 to 5 p.m. followed by a networking reception and award presentations.

On Wed., Dec. 13, panels and presentations feature trustees and leading investment consultants from multi-employer and public pension funds who will discuss challenges confronting defined-benefit plans and describe progressive and innovative solutions for their sustainability. Topics will also include guidelines for responsible money management and investing.

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Highlights from the 2022 Crystal Globe Awards & Summit

The latest Pension News

Public DB pensions key to supporting women, BIPOC workers in retirement

Source: Benefits Canada Public defined benefit pension plans can play a critical role in delivering adequate retirement income for U.S. retirees, while providing a key buffer against economic hardship for women, the Black, Indigenous and people of colour communities and workers without a college degree, according to a new report by the National Institute on Retirement Security and the UC Berkeley Labor Center. The report, which analyzed pension data collected [...]

Public Pensions Support Race, Class, and Gender Equity in California

By Nari Rhee Source: UC Berkley Labor Center This report analyzes the impact of public sector employment and defined-benefit pensions—which provide secure monthly retirement income based on salary and years of service—on poverty and wealth outcomes by race, gender, and educational attainment in California. Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, this report complements the author’s national-level study, Closing the Gap: The Role of Public Pensions in Reducing Retirement [...]

Spain: Amendments to the laws on pension plans and collective dismissals

By Pilar Garcia-Aguilera Source: WTWCO.com Spain boosts access to pension plans to support temporary workers and partial retirees, among others, and adds notice protections for workers facing dismissal due to a workplace closure. Among other things, Law 668/2023 establishes implementing rules on sectoral tax-qualified simplified employment pension plans (planes de pensiones de empleo simplificados – PPESs); entitles temporary workers to participate in tax-qualified pension plans; allows partial retirees to continue [...]

Global CORPaTH Pension Alliance Seeks Delay of Albertsons’ Plan to Give $4 Billion in Dividends Pending Fulfillment of Pension Obligations

CORPaTH, a global alliance of pension administrators, trustees and advisers, joins local Unions of the United Food and Commercial Workers in demanding Albertsons delay an anticipated $4 billion dividend to shareholders until the company’s current pension obligations are assessed and fulfilled.


CORPaTH is an alliance of trustees, consultants, asset managers, administrators, elected officials and other professionals who oversee pension assets, Lifetime Income Security Accrual (LISA) Pension Plan and Guaranteed Lifetime Income Accounts℠ (GLIA) for the benefit of working men and women who earn and deserve a secure retirement.

We work to perpetuate, protect and expand defined-benefit pension plans, as well as advocate on behalf of our members and insist on high-quality corporate governance and responsible investment strategies.

We also educate our members on issues critical to the current and future health of pension funds.

The “Core” of our strategy is to advance the financial and policy influences of key decision-makers of defined-benefit pension plans and to accelerate our unified actions with education, knowledge and commitment.

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