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CORPaTH’s Mission

CORPaTH is an alliance of trustees, consultants, asset managers, administrators, elected officials and other professionals who oversee pension assets, Lifetime Income Security Accrual (LISA) Pension Plan and Guaranteed Lifetime Income Accounts℠ (GLIA) for the benefit of working men and women who earn and deserve a secure retirement.

We work to perpetuate, protect and expand defined-benefit pension plans, as well as advocate on behalf of our members and insist on high-quality corporate governance and responsible investment strategies.

We also educate our members on issues critical to the current and future health of pension funds.

The “Core” of our strategy is to advance the financial and policy influences of key decision-makers of defined-benefit pension plans and to accelerate our unified actions with education, knowledge and commitment.

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CORPaTH’s Summit & Crystal Globe Awards
December 11, 2024 • Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The latest Pension News

Pensions Increase Bet on Private Capital, Raising Risk on Unfunded Liabilities

Source: The Middle Market State and local government contributions to public pensions hit their highest level last year and investment returns are running above average in 2024, according to a new report by Equable Institute, which said risks are growing as the funds ramp up bets on risky private capital [...]

Retirement 101: Defined benefit vs. defined contribution plans

By Miranda Marquit Source: Britannica Money When researching retirement account choices, you might come across the terms defined benefit plan and defined contribution plan. What’s the difference between the two, and do you get to pick and choose? (Typically, no.) How might your structure—defined benefit versus defined contribution—impact your retirement [...]

Gen Zers Most Confident About Retirement, but Still Worry About Outliving Savings

By Remy Samuels Source: Plan Sponsor Across all generations of savers surveyed in BlackRock’s 2024 “Read on Retirement” survey, employees expressed confusion about how much to save for retirement, worries about outliving their savings and uncertainty about how much income they will need in retirement.   Generation Z employees expressed [...]


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