2018 Crystal Globe Award Recipients

Presented in alphabetical order.

Rick A. Silva

Executive Director, UFCW Trust

Rick A. Silva is executive director of the UFCW & Employers Trust, LLC, which administers nine ERISA benefit plans covering 130,000 people. Rick manages a staff of 190 employees in two offices, in the East Bay and in Northern California. He oversees the operations of all departments, including Administration, Human Resources, Compliance, Health and Welfare Operations, Pension, Information Technologies, Finance and Employer Accounting, Communication Marketing and Branding. In his 37 year career, he held several positions that influenced the retail food industry. Prior to joining the UFCW & Employers Trust, LLC, Rick worked 11 years in the Human Resources arena.

Greg Tarpinian

Defined-Benefit Pension Advocate/Labor Economist

Greg Tarpinian is senior managing director at EnTrustPermal. He has been a respected labor economist, union consultant and media commentator on labor issues. He was founding executive director of the Change to Win labor federation and had an important role in the election of President Barack Obama in 2008 before serving on the Obama transition team. Greg is an advocate for defined-benefit pensions and is active in the political and policy arenas for sustainability of pension funds. Greg served as CEO and chief economist of the Labor Research Association (LRA) and LRA Consulting, where he was a nationally known labor economist and a consultant to labor and political leaders throughout North America. He worked closely with labor unions in France, South Africa, the UK, Australia and other countries. In that period, Greg wrote articles for the mainstream press and academic journals. He also served as a public advocate for worker and union causes in the media.