August 28, 2013

According to Avacade Investments, socially responsible investing is growing increasingly popular, as more and more investors seek ways to expand their portfolios while also abiding by their moral values. In Europe, green investment companies are plentiful; Avacade Investments is foremost among them. The U.S. has lagged behind, to some extent, but now Financial Planning reports that new socially responsible investment opportunities are emerging, from such major corporations as Bank of America. Avacade Investments has released a new statement to the press, commenting on the Financial Planning report.

According to the article, Bank of America has launched a new campaign that is centered on socially responsible investing. The new campaign is designed, the article says, to enhance and promote products and services that are aimed at the growing population of value-based investors. [EXPAND Read more]

It continues to note that, in recent years, one of the most significant trends to shape the investment world is that of more and more investors calling for their wealth to have a positive impact on the world–whether on the environment or on specific local communities. Additionally, of course, investors desire for these socially responsible, value-based investments to be financially advantageous. Bank of America says that its new program is designed to meet these growing demands.

“Around a quarter of the approximately 15,000 advisors at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management were looking to expand their sustainable investment offerings for clients,” reports Financial Planning.

As for Avacade Investments, it affirms that Bank of America is doing the right thing.

“In more ways than one, Bank of America seems to be doing what is right and what is prudent,” remarks Avacade Investments, in its new press statement. “It is providing for more ways to positively impact the environment, and it is also offering investors something they have been asking for.”

Indeed, Bank of America has surely taken notice of the increased demand for green, value-based investment. “In response, the firm has launched two investment strategies so far this year that are tailored to environmental, social and governance themes,” states Financial Planning. “The U.S. Trust division, which caters to some of the firm’s wealthier clients, launched the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability strategy, which screens investments by energy practices, carbon footprint reduction and process efficiency.”

Additionally, Bank of America is rolling out its Socially Innovative Investment program, which gives investors the chance to customize the criteria used for choosing investments.

The article in Financial Planning observes that these new Bank of America products are in line with similar products, as far as their pricing goes. “All told, we are happy that there is now another door open for American investors who wish to emphasize their values and their care for the environment,” says Avacade Investments.

Avacade Investments is a leading name in green investing, offering opportunities to invest in green economies and eco-friendly timber practices. [/EXPAND]