By Remi Samuels
Source: Plan Sponsor

Generation X employees, more than those of any other generation, are worried about their retirement savings lasting throughout their lifetime and worry they cannot rely on Social Security according to research from the Insured Retirement Institute.  

Gen Xers, between the ages of 41 and 56, are significantly less likely to expect retirement income from a public or private pension than Baby Boomers or current retirees, IRI found, and many believe they will need more income than Boomers or current retirees to maintain their desired lifestyles in retirement.  

After interviewing 2,241 adult Americans aged 40 to 80, the IRI found that 68% of those in Gen X expect Social Security will provide a guaranteed source of income, as opposed to 88% of Boomers and 93% of retirees.  

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