Segal Consulting’s latest Survey of Plans’ Zone Status presents the most recent data available for multiemployer pension clients that have January 1 through July 1 plan years and filed zone certifications by September 20, 2017.

We found:

  • Most calendar-year multiemployer plans are in the green zone.
  • Relatively few plans are in critical and declining status.
  • Roughly two-thirds of plans in the survey have a Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA’06) funded percentage above 80 percent. Nearly 30 percent of plans in the survey are fully funded on that basis.
  • From 2017 to 2018, 50 percent of plans improved their PPA’06 funded percentage, while 13 percent did not change and 37 percent had a lower funded percentage.
  • In 2017, plans in the survey achieved a double-digit market value rate of return (net of fees) on their investments.

Compare your plan to plans in the survey.

Source: Segal Consulting