Pensions & Investments
August 28, 2013
By Kevin Olsen

Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System, Frankfort, returned 14.1% for the fiscal year ended June 30, surpassing the custom benchmark return of 12.9%, said Gary Harbin, executive secretary.

Public equities had strong performance for the year, but non-core real estate had the highest return for the period at 30.1%. Domestic equity returned 22.7%; followed by credit, 21.8%; international equity, 14.7%; special situations, 11.4%; core real estate, 9.7%; high-yield bonds, 8.8%; private equity, 8.7%; triple-net lease real estate, 8.3%; timberland, 7.7%; fixed income, 0.7%; and cash, 0.1%.

The pension fund ended the fiscal year with $16.1 billion in assets.