Ladies and Gentlemen:

As most of you know, our election season efforts to support the enactment of the Solutions Not Bailouts proposal are critical to our success.  Legislators will spend the majority of their time in their home districts in the coming weeks, which presents an ideal opportunity for all members of the multiemployer community to directly communicate the importance of these reforms.

We have recently released two products that you can use in your outreach efforts.  The first is an interactive map that is the result of an NCCMP research project.  It shows the aggregate benefit payments, number of retirees, and the number of contributing employers for roughly 40% of the entire multiemployer plan universe.

Check out the data for your state and Congressional district at the following link:

Multiemployer Pension Impact Map

The second product is a one-page document that highlights the reasons why it is critical that Congress enact multiemployer pension reform this year.  Congress always prefers to deal with difficult problems tomorrow rather than today, so it is vital that we communicate the urgency of reform.  This document is formatted to be easily printed, and can be used as a leave-behind in meetings with legislators and their staffs.

Why We Can’t Wait for Multiemployer Pension Reform

Thank you all once again for all of the work that you have done to support this effort.  We’ve come an extraordinarily long way, and can secure enactment of the Solutions Not Bailouts proposal in the coming weeks if members of the multiemployer community across the country leave their representatives in Congress no doubt that these reforms need to happen, and they need to happen now.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests for assistance.

Randy G. DeFrehn
Josh Shapiro, FSA, MAAA, EA