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1305, 2024

Cross-border pension schemes on the rise amid global instability

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By Jack Gray Source: European Pensions Demand for international pension schemes and savings vehicles is continuing to rise beyond just expatriate communities, to protect local employee groups from growing political and economic instability, according to WTW. The consultancy’s International Pension Plan Survey found that the number of International Pension Plans (IPPs) and International Savings Plans (ISPs) being offered in countries in ‘challenging’ economic or political circumstances rose from 54 in 2019 to 126 in 2024. It attributed the increase to [...]

905, 2024

NIRS Offers Congress 6 Recommendations for Expanding Access to Private-Sector Pensions

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By Paul Mulholland Source: Plan Sponsor The National Institute on Retirement Security has published a report providing recommendations to Congress about how to increase defined benefit plan creation in the private sector. The report was commissioned by the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. The report makes six core policy recommendations: reduce Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation insurance premium rates; formally recognize risk-sharing plans; provide more flexibility for overfunded plans; allow pre-tax employee contributions; and permit transfers between defined [...]

905, 2024

Was the 401(k) a Mistake?

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Source: The New York Times Jen Forbus turned 50 this year. She is in good health and says her life has only gotten better as she has grown older. Forbus resides in Lorain, Ohio, not far from Cleveland; she is single and has no children, but her parents and sisters are nearby. She works, remotely, as an editorial supervisor for an educational publishing company, a job that she loves. She is on track to pay off her mortgage in the [...]

805, 2024

What Do Women Think About Retirement?

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Source: National Institute on Retirement Security Women face an uphill climb when it comes to preparing for retirement. They earn less than men, often take time away from the workforce for caregiving, they live longer, and are less likely to have access to a retirement plan at work. In fact, U.S. Census Bureau data show that half of women ages 55 to 66 have no personal retirement savings. What Do Women Think About Retirement? is a research infographic that presents [...]

105, 2024

Women Express Concern about Retirement Crisis, Long-Term Care Costs

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By Remy Samuels Source: Plan Sponsor When asked if the U.S. faces a retirement crisis, 80% of women agreed that it is indeed a disaster in the making, and even more women agreed that employers should be contributing more money to workers’ retirement plans, according to data from Greenwald Research and the National Institute on Retirement Security.  As women still, on average, earn less than men, often take time away from the workforce for caregiving and tend to live longer [...]

2604, 2024

Americans leave billions in workplace 401(k) plans. DOL wants to help find their lost money.

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By Courtney Degen Source: Pensions & Investments Congress has tasked the Labor Department with building a lost-and-found database to help Americans find their lost retirement savings. It's off to a rocky start. The database — mandated by the retirement package SECURE 2.0 passed in late 2022 — will allow savers who lost track of their retirement money to locate their plan administrators, which experts agree is a complex problem in need of a solution. However, the DOL’s recent proposal for [...]

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