Our Priorities

Sustaining and Strengthening Defined-Benefit Pension Plans

Defined-benefit pension plans fulfill the promise of guaranteed lifetime income for millions of retired people. They also contribute more than $1 trillion to the world’s economy every year. It is therefore critically important to ensure adequate funding for these plans and safeguard their long-term health.

What is CORPaTH?

CORPaTH is an alliance of trustees, consultants, asset managers, administrators, elected officials and other professionals who oversee pension assets and Guaranteed Lifetime Income Accounts℠ (GLIA) for the benefit of working men and women who earn and deserve a secure retirement.

We work to perpetuate, protect and expand defined-benefit pension plans, as well as advocate on behalf of our members and insist on high-quality corporate governance and responsible investment strategies.

We also educate our members on issues critical to the current and future health of pension funds.

Our Strategy

The “Core” of our strategy is to advance the financial and policy influences of key decision-makers of defined-benefit pension plans. Using the substantial power of our cumulative assets, we forge a “Path” toward economic sustainability, financial market accountability and common sense in regulatory structures.

We support efforts to reform the Pension Protection Act (PPA), the Employee Retire­ment Income Security Act (ERISA) and other laws in order to foster, not hinder, the success of defined-benefit pension plans.

Supporting Sustainable Investment Strategies

CORPaTH supports sustainable investment strategies in compliance with the United Nations’ Principles for Respon­sible Investment. These principles promote social responsibility, stable financial markets, investor advocacy, solid corporate gover­nance and consistent and solid investment returns. We believe reliable and substantial returns can be achieved responsibly without having to bear undue risk or by neglecting the wellbeing of other stakeholders.

Capitalism for the Benefit of All

CORPaTH is founded for the purpose of creating long-term value and wealth for investors, business leaders and employees alike. Working together, we can see a more equitable form of capitalism emerge for the benefit of all.