As a long-time pension fund board member representing trade unions and pensioners, I have been active in the field of responsible investment by pension funds since the nineties. I firmly believe that PRI has played and must play an important role in mainstreaming responsible investing for institutional investors. This is especially the case for pension funds, as they play such an important role in generating benefits for an aging population. As responsible investment continues to move towards mainstream acceptance, the key challenge for the PRI will be to remain relevant for an increasingly wide range of investors, investment styles and cultures. With my broad experience in this field I can contribute to addressing this challenge.

Presently I am a board member (trustee) of ABP and chair of PWRI, a pension fund for people with a disability. ABP has as a founding member op PRI, played an important role in developing policies for responsible investment and getting more transparency in investments. I am proud to have been a part of this movement, and I believe developments have to continue so we can find even better ways to promote responsible investment and the international cooperation of institutional investors. I have been an active participant in the development of ABP’s responsible Investment policies formed after intensive engagement with beneficiaries and other  stakeholders. The policy states clear goals for 2020 i.e. reduction of the carbon footprint with 25% (already achieved), double our SDG investments (at present already € 50 bn.) and transforming our entire equity portfolio into an inclusion portfolio (system running and implementation on its way).

At of the board of PRI I chaired the board committees. Within the PRI I also chair the Asset Owner Advisory Committee (AOAC). The AOAC consists of representatives of PRI asset owner signatories and advises the board on policy relating to the role of asset owners in RI, on issues like investment strategy, investment policy, external manager selection and the roll out of PRI’s strategic goal of  empowering asset owners.

I was lucky to be able to work the last three years with so many fine people within and outside the PRI and to be able to participate in the development of PRI’s 10 year strategy. In this strategy there is a clear vision on the role of asset owners, as they are at the source of the investment chain. My ambition is to contribute further to the long term strategy of PRI, to actively involve asset owners in the activities of PRI and to motivate, were applicable, trustees to engage with responsible investment topics.

That is why I ask you to support me and to re-elect me in the board of PRI.