Over one thousand retired teachers and school personnel all dressed in red will converge on the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City on Wednesday, Feb. 17, for MRTA’s annual Legislative Day. The purpose of the rally is to educate elected officials on the importance and stability of public education and educators’ Defined Benefit pension benefits.

Members are vigilant about warding off legislative attacks on their lifetime savings and contributions into their retirement account. Ever increasingly, many outside interests try to stake an interest in their retirement plan through legislation by turning their defined benefit plan into a Wall Street invested 401(k). MRTA believes all Americans should have retirement security. The salaries of Missouri educators rank 45th lowest in the nation. It is the defined benefit plan that attracts and retains the best and experienced educators available.

MRTA members oppose HB 1591 (Koenig) which establishes a hybrid retirement plan requiring all new members to participate in a Defined Contribution Plan (401K) for state employees and elected officials. SB 680 (Emery) is a similar bill.

The Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public School Personnel (MRTA) is an organization of over 25,000 members whose # 1 priority is to promote and protect the pensions, programs, and benefits of all public school personnel. MRTA believes there is STRENGTH in numbers and “The World Is Run By Those Who Show-Up”

Source: Wayne County Journal-Banner