Retirement Planning

Saving for tomorrow can be a scary concept. Unless you’re a financial advisor, chances are you don’t know the difference between 401(k)s and defined-benefit pensions and how it can affect your retirement. But you wouldn’t be alone. Most Americans don’t know the difference either.

Here are some reputable websites, which can help you plan your retirement so you can make the most of your Golden Years.

Ameriprise offers retirement tips for people of all ages. It offers retirement advice to young workers and financial planning for workers who are close to retirement.

This website features a Social Security Planner to help maximize your Social Security benefits. There are thousands of ways benefits can be claimed, so it’s great to find software that asks a few questions before spitting out various sample strategies that you and your spouse can pursue.

Besides your income, you should also plan for your health. Blue Zones helps you calculate your life expectancy based on your lifestyle habits and where you live. It then recommends changes you can make to increase your longevity.

Retirement 101

This site from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans explores questions retirees have about defined-benefit pensions and 401(k)s.

If planning a budget seems like a daunting task, let Synium Software do the work for you. The software includes an app called iFinance, which imports spending information from your bank accounts and helps you create long-term budgets.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers advice on navigating your retirement. Each program helps you set goals and change habits accordingly.