10 04, 2015

What to do about the retirement crisis

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In their new book, Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It (to be published Jan. 2, 2015), authors Charles D. Ellis, Alicia H. Munnell and Andrew Eschtruth call themselves modern-day Paul Reveres. Instead of Redcoats, they’re fearful about our pockets — and how little money we’ll have in them at retirement. “Millions of us won’t have enough money for the comfortable retirement our parents and grandparents enjoyed,” they write. “The world has changed, so [...]

5 01, 2015

A Sobering Perspective on a Looming Retirement Crisis

2015-01-05T18:40:00-08:00January 5th, 2015|Categories: Retirement|Tags: , |

Feeling pleased that I had survived another year and the annual predictions of the apocalypse, I made the mistake of picking up “Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What to Do About It” (Oxford University Press). Written by Alicia H. Munnell, the director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, with Andrew D. Eschtruth, a colleague there, and Charles D. Ellis, a widely respected consultant and author, “Falling Short” does a fine job of clearly laying [...]

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