5 02, 2015

Golden Years May Be A Bust For Millions Of Retirees, Report Warns

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Millions of people will need to lower their standard of living in retirement because they haven’t saved enough, according to a recent report by the Center for American Progress. The report found an American public that is struggling to prepare for retirement and one that is less prepared than previous generations. In addition, a large portion of individuals may have to rely on family, charity and government aid programs for financial support and forgo their pre-retirement lifestyles. […]

22 12, 2014

Why Workers Undervalue Traditional Pension Plans

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Lifetime income is the hottest button in the retirement industry. So why do workers prefer a 401(k) to a traditional pension? Despite many drawbacks, the 401(k) plan is our most prized employee benefit other than health care, new research shows. More than half of workers value this savings plan even above a traditional pension that guarantees income for life. Some 61% of workers with at least $10,000 in investments say that, after health care, an employer-sponsored savings plan is [...]

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