27 04, 2020

NCCMP seeks congressional aid for pensions in ‘CARES 2’

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Below is an April 24, 2020 letter written by NCCMP Executive Director Michael D. Scott. Dear Multiemployer Community, Today, the President signed H.R. 266 which provided additional authority for the Paycheck Protection Program and support for health care providers. This is commonly referred to as the COVID 3.5 stimulus package. In less than eight weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has put more than 26.4 million Americans out of work and driven Congress and the Federal Reserve to structure more than [...]

27 01, 2015

New Law Could Mean Benefit Cuts For Retirees

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If you weren’t paying close attention to happenings in our nation’s capital around the holiday season – and who could blame you – this might have slipped your notice: Important pension reforms were signed into law that will have dramatic impact on retirement for 10 million Americans. Buried deep in the $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus” spending bill signed last month by President Obama, the reforms aim to head off a looming implosion of multiemployer pension plans – traditional defined benefit [...]

7 10, 2014

NCCMP “Solutions Not Bailouts’ Proposal

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Ladies and Gentlemen: As most of you know, our election season efforts to support the enactment of the Solutions Not Bailouts proposal are critical to our success.  Legislators will spend the majority of their time in their home districts in the coming weeks, which presents an ideal opportunity for all members of the multiemployer community to directly communicate the importance of these reforms. We have recently released two products that you can use in your outreach efforts.  The first [...]

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