16 11, 2020

As public pension costs soar, some Southern California agencies turn to controversial borrowing to fill deep holes

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The little agency responsible for killing mosquitoes and rats in the Coachella Valley will see its bill for worker pensions nearly triple over just four years. Payments will also nearly triple for Cal-OPTIMA, Orange County’s health care system for low-income people, seniors and those with disabilities, as well as for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, the folks who bring events to the historic stadium in Exposition Park. They’ll more than double for the Orange County Transportation Authority, which [...]

20 01, 2015

Local cities still face significant pension risks

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Things might be looking a bit better, but let’s not let it go to our heads. Anaheim is still staring down a public pension hole more than half a billion dollars deep. Santa Ana has a $429.5 million hole to call its own. Huntington Beach’s is $308.2 million. Newport Beach’s, $258 million. And so on. […]

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