17 09, 2018

Retirement issues begin to see activity in Washington

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Between a recent White House retirement directive and more legislative proposals from Capitol Hill, plan executives and other retirement security advocates are encouraged that, while it might take months or years to see concrete change, Washington is paying attention. "It's been a while since retirement was a big issue," said Jack Towarnicky, executive director of the Chicago-based Plan Sponsor Council of America, a division of the American Retirement Association. The ideas coming out of Washington include promoting open multiple employer plans to allow unrelated businesses access to professionally managed retirement accounts [...]

19 03, 2014

Multiple employer plans grabbing more attention

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A concerted effort in Washington to get more employers to offer retirement plans has raised the profile of multiple employer plans, a largely untapped market for institutional money managers and other service providers. Unlike multiemployer plans, which serve employers in a specific industry and are typically collectively bargained and managed, a multiple employer plan is adopted by two or more unrelated employers that do not want the administrative burdens and fiduciary responsibilities of sponsoring a plan themselves. The three [...]

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