November 25, 2013
By Doug Cunningham

United Airlines mechanics represented by the Teamsters held informational pickets at ten airports around the United States Monday.

They may be forced to strike if the airline doesn’t reinstate the workers’ pensions plans as promised. United’s 25,000 AFA-CWA union flight attendants are standing in solidarity with the Teamster mechanics. In 2005 United took away the pensions of 11,000 aviation mechanics, but promised to restore them when the company’s finances improved.

Now, with hundreds of millions of dollars in profits, United Airlines this year had the highest revenue in history. So what happened to the pensions promise? United broke off negotiations with the Teamster mechanics and announced that 3500 mechanics will pay between $300-500 a month more in health care costs.

The mechanics want the flying public to know why they may be on strike. The 25,000 United Airlines flight attendants say they stand shoulder to shoulder with their teamster brothers and sisters on the pension promise issue.