Zambia Railways Limited chief executive officer Muyenga Atanga says well organised, informed and strong union leadership is critical for the maintenance of good corporate governance in the nation.

Speaking during the management and union interaction at the elective 7th quadrennial congress at Ibis Gardens on Friday, Atanga, in a speech read for him by director freight services Godfrey Chibunde, said unionism was good for checks and balances in all sectors of the economy.

“The union is an integral part of Zambia Railways Ltd. Your role is very critical to the long term profitability and survival of this company. Let us not allow any wicked forces to disunite us; for we need one another, this company is not about Atanga, not at all. Atanga is just part of the great team of Zambia Railways. Of course, I have the duty to provide the necessary leadership that should take us to the promised land of prosperity and happiness in 2018 where we expect to start moving five million metric tonnes of cargo per year,” he said.

Atanga called for the building of a robust railway company which would be self sustaining based on a shared vision of being a leading bulk and heavy cargo transport company in Zambia and the most reliable link in southern Africa operating in a cost effective, efficient and safest manner.

And Kabwe Central member of parliament James Kapyanga called for a change of approach in the manner unions engaged management for improved conditions of service without frustrating the operations of the company.

Kapyanga, a former unionist, said union leaders must be brave and engage negotiation skills that were progressive for the country’s economic growth.

Source: The Post (Zambia)