Montreal firefighters and their supporters trashed city hall Monday evening to show their outrage with legislation that would alter their contracts.

Hundreds of city workers stormed the building, throwing water, setting off smoke bombs, and chasing councillors from rooms.

Security guards whisked Mayor Denis Coderre from room to room in an attempt to avoid the mob when the crowd of placard-wielding demonstrators stormed council chambers just after 6:45 p.m.

Councillors were forced to run away until the demonstrators left, leaving behind papers strewn all over the floor.

City Councillor Karie Boivin-Roy was one of those who had to flee.

“They were able to come in and they slashed the door open to come in and they came here in the sacred institution. We tried to come back and they were even up on the balcony. They started throwing glasses, I got a glass on my hand and we were rushed out because it was getting dangerous,” she said, adding that her paper notes from last November were lost.

Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand called it an attack on democracy.

“This is an effort to vandalize city hall… first of all it’s to prevent democracy from going forward. City council, where there was some sympathy for their message probably dissipated,” said Rotrand.

Other councillors said the protest was unacceptable.

“I understand opposite points of view, this is absolutely beyond appeal. Scandalous is the right word,” said councillor Guillaume Lavoie.

Source: CTV News Montreal